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Hey There! Welcome To The Page! 👋 

My name is Luke Croucher. For those who don’t know... I’m that college hockey player that says “hey hockey players here’s an exercise & drill you can try for this, that and everything above.” 

However, I want you to know that I’m actually a little bit more than just that social media buzz. I’m also an human just like you who plays NCAA Hockey Player, runs a hockey school business of my own and also who’s dedicated to become the greatest version of himself. 

At the end of the day, the money doesn’t matter - the reason I do what I do is genuinely because I want to give back the game I’ve grown up to love & play.

Here’s My Story👇 

For those who don’t know and I don’t expect you too… 

My parents both come from Manchester, England. And if you had to guess - hockey isn’t their sport. FOOTBALL is & do not ever call it soccer or you’ll be kicked out of the pub. 🍻

That means every piece of my development had to come from others and opening my mind to learning from someone aside from my parents. And that’s probably a good thing because if learned how to skate from my pops I would’ve end up like this the rest of my life. 

However, long story long I’ve dedicated my life to be game of hockey starting in Ancaster, Ontario where I played Timbits Hockey starting at the age of 5. From there on making my first rep team as the last pick to Ancaster Avalanche. Credits to Kelly Reed Hockey & his father ___ for making that choice.

Thereafter I went on to play AAA hockey for the Hamilton Huskies until 15 years old. Moving onto Blyth Prep School based out of Burlington Ontario. And making the surprising jump from AAA to junior B hockey as a grade 12, 17 year old feeling like a rock star. After a couple years of Jr. B with the Ancaster Avalanche & Hamilton Kilty AB’s Inaugural year in 18-19’. After having complications during my 18 year old year of debating whether to still play. I didn’t stop the journey of playing the game - I re fell in love with the process of getting better and earned a spot with the Oakville Blades Jr. A Club where I was exposed to players such as Ryan O’hara, Alton McDermott, Jack Ricketts, Jack Lyon & Harrison Israel’s who pushed me to become a better version of myself. 

Later that year we had been pushed out due to COVID. Therefore my overage year, “the 20 year old” year. Arguably the most important year as an uncommitted tier 2 junior A hockey player was just a year of practice. 

So practice after practice in the hopes playing and being seen by school just didn’t come to life.

In a last minute decision I made the jump in January’s of 2021 to play for the New Jersey Rockets where I hadn’t really played in over a year.  What did I do? I shit the bed - hit about every post possible and only played a handful of games. However, at the same time had opportunity of a lifetime to experience life away from home, have the one-time only best billets of my life and visit the school I’m at currently, Neumann University. 

The summer of 21’ was exciting as I decided to go all in on the process in hopes to make a splash in division 3. Possibly being the 1st of a few to make the jump from D3 to D1. Knowing I had the habits of what it took and was just like the players I saw go D1. 

Come the season of 21-22’ you felt like a rockstar playing division 3 and had one of the best years of my life. Finally had the puck going into the net. The team succeeded, we started to change things for the betterment of Neumann Ice Hockey. 

Year 2 comes around and said let’s put the success in reverse where I had cut my goal count in half and our team struggling to find our scoring touch. But we forget this year so fast because the coming is in so much better hands .

Now it’s Year 3 - I’m a 23 year old Junior playing at a college I love and started the realm of giving back to the game through hockey mindset, tips & tutorials. 

Now although it may say contradictory to what tell others to do and push them to achieve for greatness. 

My goal isn’t to make it to the NHL my game is the do the things that may have me a chance at becomng a professional hockey player overseas one day. But at the same time document the process for the many others to be educated on exactly what it takes to fill shoes like my own. 

In additional, the goal is to inspire the kid I once was and hockey’s’ next great generation of players to become the best version of themselves. 

Now I’m more excited than ever to give back to the game and instil confidence into others because all I wanted as a kid was for someone to believe in Me. 

Now if you’ve read this far you have an amazing opportunity in front of your eyes. Not only is it amazing but you can become apart of the culture as well. 

Here is where the beginning of my “Clarity for Charity Hockey” Organization starts. 

This is a total non-profit program that will contribute to my organization. That will allow athletes to give back to the game they love. While also serving the college families of many who love to represent their favourite players, teams and sweaters! 

Kind Regards, 
Luke Croucher

Jersey Mount Features:

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- Game Day feature allows for quick access to your favorite jersey on game day or if you want to interchange your jersey for another.

- Easy to install, over 50% of the proceeds go back to the team and it looks amazing when displayed

It's as easy as 1,2,3

The Jersey Mount appeared on Dragon's Den in 2021

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