Jersey Mount

Does the Jersey Mount come in different sizes?
Yes! The Jersey Mount currently comes in three sizes of 18/22 and 26 inches.
18 inches - Best for basketball, soccer, lacrosse, cricket, field hockey and youth size jerseys
22 inches - Best for hockey, baseball, football, lacrosse, xxl soccer, xxl lacrosse
26 inches - Best for game worn hockey, baseball, football or xxl for hockey, baseball and football jerseys
Can the Jersey Mount be customized?
Yes! Ask one of our RAZD Fundraising managers about customization options, however the Jersey Mount can come in different colors and even be branded with logos, name, signatures, images and much more!
How do you install the Jersey Mount?
The Jersey Mount comes with 2 screws, however you can also use 3M Command strips (sold seperately) to mount the Jersey Mount to any surface type.
Where else can the Jersey Mount be mounted to?
The Jersey Mount can be mounted to any surface type using 3M Command strips.  This includes any wall surface area as well as the ceiling and even inside of shadow boxes!
What is the GAME DAY Feature?
The Game Day feature is the Jersey Mount's unique design. The Jersey Mount clip was designed for easy access to your favorite jersey on game day or for fans who want to interchange their jerseys depending on the time of year or what sport is being played.  The Jersey Mount is flexible enough for each of our customers to simply pull it off of the wall and snap it back into place in just seconds!
Is it true the Jersey Mount is made in North America?
Yes it is! The Jersey Mount is currently being made in Canada and the USA!


How does RAZD Fundraising work?
RAZD Fundraising is one of the easiest run fundraisers ever created!  Check this out!
1) If you are a head of a team, league, coach, athlete or board member and you are looking for a way to raise money for your upcoming season simply, reach out to RAZD Fundraising and fill out our contact form. In a matter of hours one of our team members will get back to you to explain the process!
2) Once partnering with RAZD Fundraising all we will need is your team's logo so that we can upload it to our website.
3) Once your logo is uploaded, your athletes, followers, fans and customers will be able to purchase the Jersey Mount from Sport Displays from your unique team fundraising page that we have created for you!
4) Over the course of 2 weeks, your team, athletes, supporters etc will be encouraged to share your exclusive team link to their social networks in order to acquire sales.
5) After the two weeks, your team will receive over 50% of the proceeds from all Jersey Mount sales that were acquired from your exclusive sales page found on
Are there any upfront costs for our organization?
There are NO upfront costs for your organization when working with RAZD Fundraising!
Is there a mandatory purchase that we or our athletes have to make?
We offer no purchase necessary! At RAZD Fundraising we have strategically partnered with Sport Displays and are able to offer their incredible Jersey Mount product.  Although your athletes and teams do not have to purchase this product, we hope that they may want to as the Jersey Mount is an affordable, easy to install and professional way for fans of all ages and sports to hang, display or show off their favorite jersey or fan apparel.
Do our team members have to sell the product?
No they do not.  Although we hope that you will and encourage selling the Jersey Mount as it is great for fans of all ages and sports, we at RAZD Fundraising offer no upfront costs, no purchase necessary and NO SELLING required fundraisers.  None of your athletes will physically have to sell anything, however we hope that upon working with us that your athletes may be able to share their custom team link with their networks in order to try and raise money for their own team or cause.
How long do RAZD Fundraisers last?
On average RAZD Fundraisers last between 2-3 weeks.  We have found that fundraising with urgency in a blitz style is the most effective way to raise money and get everyone involved.
How much do we keep per sale?
When working with RAZD Fundraising your organization will keep over 50% of the proceeds. RAZD Fundraising actually has the highest margin of profit from any fundraiser in North America.
How many units should each athlete try to sell?
On average we have found that most athletes are able to sell between 10-20 units each over the course of two weeks.  Typically, we have noticed that most athletes will purchase between 3-5 units for personal and immediate family use and will be able to sell another 10-20 units to their social networks i.e. extended family, classmates, neighbours, friends etc.
How long does it take for the product to arrive to our supporters?
Depending on the size of your team, league and organization our delivery times can vary from 2-16 weeks.  For larger orders our manufacturing times have increased slightly due to COVID which has caused delays.  Please be assured that before your fundraiser begins, one of our team members will be able to tell you how long it will take for your supporters to receive their product.
I run an entire league. Are there any incentives for leagues to offer this fundraiser to our teams?
ABSOLUTELY!! One of the best features of RAZD Fundraising is our strong partnership opportunity with major organizations and leagues.  When working with RAZD Fundraising your league will receive $5.00 for every unit sold while your teams will receive the remaining 50% or $17.50 per unit sold! This partnership incentive is great for leagues and organizations to use for scholarships, paying their staff more money or lowering registration costs! Please reach out to a team member today to learn more!
What do you need us to do once we partner with RAZD Fundraising?
After partnering with us and supplying us with your team/s logo all we need from you is to make sure that all yoru athletes and supporters share their custom link diligently over the course of the 2 week fundraiser.  As long as each athlete is able to share this link throughout their network multiple times during the 2 weeks, we have no doubt that you will be able to have a very successful fundraiser!
Are there any incentives for our athletes?
YES there are! Depending on the size of your team, league, organization etc RAZD Fundraising offers a number of sales incentives that include cash prizes, signed memorabilia and much more! Speak to one of our RAZD Team members for more details.
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