How to make money for your athletic career

Making money for your athletic career can be challenging, but there are several ways to potentially generate income. Here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Competitions and Tournaments: Participating in competitions and tournaments can be a great way to earn prize money and sponsorships. Look for competitions and tournaments that offer cash prizes or sponsorships for top performers in your sport.

  2. Sponsorships: Seek out sponsorships from companies that align with your values and goals. This can include athletic apparel companies, sports nutrition brands, or fitness equipment manufacturers. You can offer to promote their products on social media or during competitions in exchange for financial support.

  3. Endorsements: Endorsements are similar to sponsorships, but they typically involve a more substantial financial commitment from the endorsing company. Seek out endorsement deals from companies that believe in your potential as an athlete.

  4. Coaching and Training: If you have a strong track record as an athlete, you may be able to earn income as a coach or trainer. Consider offering coaching services to other athletes or teaching classes in your sport.

  5. Personal Branding: Building a strong personal brand can help you attract more sponsorship opportunities and endorsements. Focus on developing your social media presence, creating engaging content, and building a following among fans of your sport.

  6. Freelance Writing and Blogging: Consider writing about your experiences as an athlete and sharing your insights with a broader audience. Freelance writing and blogging can be a great way to generate additional income while building your brand.

  7. Grants and Scholarships: Look for grants and scholarships specifically designed to support athletes. These can include financial assistance for equipment, training expenses, and competition fees.

  8. RAZD Fundraising 50/50 program:  At RAZD Fundraising,, their 50/50 program allows for athletes to raise money without any risk or upfront costs whatsoever.  These fundraisers are made by athletes for athletes and offer high profit margins, turnkey results and an incredibly high success rate.

How It Works:

Following RAZD's Fundraising program athletes or influencers simply have to partner with RAZD 50/50.  After partnering we will work with you to create your own custom personal page that will have images, videos, testimonials and a write up about you and the organization that you will be raising money for.  Once created, you will have access to our free social media package that will have everything that you will need in order to help you drive traffic and sales to your custom shop.  Your fundraiser will run for up to 2 weeks where you will share your custom shop link with your friends, family and most importantly social media network.


Upon completion of your 2 week fundraiser, you will receive 50% of the proceeds from every unit sold throughout the fundraiser.  From here you will be able to donate 50% of your proceeds to the charity or organization of your choice while keeping the other 50% for your own personal use.

Product Information:

The product that RAZD 50/50 program will be selling will be Sport Displays flagship product and North American best selling Jersey Display unit, The Jersey Mount.  The Jersey Mount is 100% made and manufactured in North America and can be used by fans of all ages and sports to hang, display or show off their favorite jersey or fan apparel to the wall, ceiling or inside of shadow boxes.  The Jersey Mount has sold out of over 120 trade shows throughout North America and Europe and was voted best trade show booth and new product at over 50 shows. 

It's important to remember that building a successful athletic career takes hard work and dedication. It may take time to establish yourself and generate income, but with persistence and a focus on building your personal brand, you can potentially earn money and turn your athletic career into a sustainable source of income.


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