How To Run A Successful Fundraiser

Running a successful fundraiser requires careful planning, effective execution, and clear communication with donors and participants. Here are some steps you can take to run a successful fundraiser:

  1. Define your goals: Determine what you want to achieve with your fundraiser. Set specific, measurable, and achievable goals for your fundraising campaign.

  2. Choose the right fundraising idea: Select a fundraising idea that aligns with your goals and appeals to your target audience. Consider factors such as cost, effort, and potential return on investment.

  3. Create a compelling message: Develop a clear and persuasive message that explains why your fundraiser is important and why people should donate.

  4. Develop a marketing plan: Create a plan to promote your fundraiser and reach out to potential donors. Use social media, email, and other channels to get the word out.

  5. Set up an online donation platform: Make it easy for people to donate by setting up an online donation platform. There are many platforms available that can help you manage donations and track progress.

  6. Recruit volunteers: Enlist volunteers to help with your fundraising efforts. They can help with everything from planning and promotion to setting up and running the event.

  7. Follow up with donors: After the fundraiser, send a thank-you note to donors and let them know how their donation has made a difference.

By following these steps and staying organized and focused, you can run a successful fundraiser that achieves your goals and makes a positive impact.

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The way our fundraisers work is as follows:

- For our fundraisers the product that we use to sell is the Jersey Mount that was featured on last season of Dragon's Den and is 100% North American made and manufactured.  This product is an easy to install, affordable and professional way for fans of all ages and sports to hang, display or show off their favorite jersey to the wall, ceiling or inside of shadow boxes.

- Our entire fundraiser is done online and there are no upfront costs to your team or league meaning that you do not have to buy anything upfront and then be forced or required to sell it afterwards.

- All that we need from you is a logo of the team or teams that will be participating.  From there, we will use that logo to create a custom team shop link on our website,  Once your custom team shop is created and the link provided all your athletes have to do is share this link to their friends, family and social networks over the course of 2 weeks or until the duration of the fundraiser is completed.


If you would like to learn more check out, and fill out our submission form and someone will contact you immediately about your next fundraiser!

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